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It is highly resistant to heat and drought. It is a stiff, slow growing grass that requires fewer cuttings than other grasses. While you wear some goofy poncho straight out of Forbidden Planet because you’re afraid of the rain, fans in Chichen Itza would sit so close to the action that they’d get splattered with cerebral fluid during post game celebrations. Not that these people were mindless savages they took their ball game seriously and made sure the facilities made for the perfect, bloody viewing experience. Apparently these guys were so spot on when it came to building stadiums that they could map out the acoustics to the point that rulers could hear one another speak from all the way across the field, simply by mapping out the directions the sound waves would bounce.”Enough science for one day.

Two different groups are now working on meta analyses of the unpublished patient level data on the effects of oseltamivir in flu. Will they come to the same conclusions?Jonathan Nguyen Van Tam, a virologist and researcher from the University of Nottingham, told a group of triallists and virologists last month, “We must remember why we’re here: because of the controversies. The clinical world doesn’t believe that Tamiflu [oseltamivir] works.

However, I purchased the paperback version of this book instead of the electronic version for my Kindle with the idea that I would share it with other people after I had finished reading it. However, I recommend that you purchase the hard cover version. It is only $3 more and will hold up better if you plan on passing it around..

The trend has gone global, too. In the Maldives, stay free for half of the nights on your 10 day vacation at the Soneva Fushi and Soneva Gili by Six Senses resorts when you donate 25 hours of your vacation towards volunteer efforts this summer. Help with local composting, plant trees,ray bans sale or spend your days diving amongst parrot fish and hawksbill turtles, learning how to promote reef recovery from the 2004 tsunami and coral bleaching caused by El Nio in 1998 ($1,040/per villa per night, June 1st October 12th 2010)..

Survey says! To not make any more New Year resolutions. In particular, a survey by the respected New York City polling company, Dewey, Scrume and Howe, has repeatedly confirmed this fact over seven separate studies conducted since 2001. In a valuable aside, the lead pollster makes the observation that, in his estimation, many of the respondents, on the morrow, would likely make a different resolution, namely, I never drink again if you just let me stop throwing up.

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